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prm landscape


Project: landscape
Program: landscape for mentally disabled
Designteam: Beverley Walker, Harmen van de Wal,  Lin Lin, Patricia Venero, Amelia Walker
Commission: Visser en Bouwman architecten
Location: Purmerend
Design: 2008-2009

Krill was asked to design the landscape around the buildings of the Prinsenstichting, an institute for mentally disabled in Purmerend. The objective was to keep as much as 80% of the area paved, create high fences around three of the buildings, while still maintaining a green, park like environment.  By borrowing patterns from wall paper and turning them into hedges of variable height, a landscape was created in which one could still feel submerged into the green. A large car park was required, leaving no space for large green elements. Here we decided to insert a ‘hagelslag’ of flowerbeds, little hills thrown like confetti all around the place.

Low density in the car park, high density around the buildings.





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