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Bird watching promenade

For Pape Bird Observation Tower competition, Krill proposed a promenade instead of a tower. The concept of a slowly ascending bridge, offering a view to the landscape while keeping the impact on the ground to a minimum, has the potential to become an iconic landmark in its own right.

Goudse Hoofd -shortlisted for the Plan Award 2017

Shortlisted for the Plan Award 2017!
A sustainable, livable residential building with the privacyscript of a neighborhood. The Goudse Hoofd is one among a series of new apartment building types Krill is developing, facilitating social interaction between neighbors in a natural way.

Louwal low energy town house

Two old apartments are combined into one, sustainable low-energy town house. To reduce the costs for the clients, Krill elaborated the interior in a way that enabled them to self build. Photo’s Frank Hanswijk

Lounge Library Table

Krill designed a lounge-library table for an entrance hall in an apartment block owned by Waterweg Wonen. It was beautifully produced by Jos Noorhof, Floris van den Burg and Vincent de Rijk.
Photographer: Frank Hanswijk

Out now: Privacyscript, the impact of architecture on social interaction

Privacyscript, the impact of architecture on social interaction in apartment buildings is a book written about the research we did in close collaboration with the Technical University of Delft. The book contains analyses of interesting cases such as the Robin Hood Gardens in London, the Justus van Effenblok in Rotterdam and Nirwana in The Hague.

het Buro & de Bovenkamer

Shortlist Rotterdamse Architectuurprijs 2013
Social sustainability, architectural archaeology, restauration, renewable energy. All these themes have played a major role in the realization of Het Buro & de Bovenkamer. It has been selected for, and published in the Dutch Yearbook 2012 / 2013, shortlisted for the Rotterdam Architecture prize in 2013, and visited by ministers.

Sandwich Residential Tower

sandwich tower
Can a residential tower offer the same social context as a popular urban neigborhood? This design departs from a thought experiment: if the privacyscript of a neigborhood can be defined and described, it could also form the base for the privacy script of an apartment building. Thus, this will be an apartment tower truly designed for families.

video of Urban Lab with Krill in Tacloban

URBAN LABS- TACLOBAN- FINAL from Media Head Quarters on Vimeo.

Resilient Tacloban

Resilient Tacloban

Resilient Tacloban is a master plan for a city in the Philippines, devastated by super typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan). The design is based on a strategy to provide the city, exposed to multiple natural hazards, safe growth opportunities, a clear urban main structure, and optimized connectivity with walkable urban blocks.

Bandung Block Restructuring

Bandung Block Restructuring

Bandung Block Restructuring is an urban renewal program in which home owners join forces to create green open space in dense kampong neighborhoods in Indonesian cities. the projects investigates the possibillities for collective participative development by communities.